ISIL DOHNKE Photography -Isil

Merhaba – Guten Tag – Hello

Thank you for considering ISIL DOHNKE Photography to capture your special moments.

The solemnness of the photograph is of major importance to me; I especially work around calm and composed moments. Using the contrast of light allows me to underline this particular ambiance of the images.

I seek for unexpected angles to exploit artistic tension.

When photographing a couple, I am looking to create classic and timeless images that show the connection and love between them.

My multicultural background is an important element in my work: I was born and raised in Turkey, married a German, and have been living in the U.S. for many years.

All this gave me the possibility to experience different cultures, learn to adapt, and maybe most of all, I have been exposed to a variety of traditions, customs, and esthetical understandings.

The Turkish hospitality and warmness towards others has been a key element to connect with my clients, gaining their trust, and making them feel at ease.

I am very sensitive to the importance of structure within the German culture. In fact, structure and composition in my pictures are of great importance to me, and I pay particular attention to the preparation of the scene.

However, I have gratefully integrated the flexibility that characterizes the American culture. Flexibility has always helped me to engage with people, and to spontaneously capture unexpected moments.

I cannot wait to get to know you…

Talk to you soon,